Being the parent of a new boy scout can be a frustrating and confusing experience. This page will be developed to guide new parents in the ways of the Boy Scout program, and the functioning of Troop 270. Please be patient as these pages are populated, and feel free to make suggestions/contributions to the site.

First and foremost, all participants in scouting must be familiar with Youth Protection. It is our belief, and strict adherence to the BSA Youth Protection program, that makes Troop 270 a safe organization for all participants. The following link is provided with the expectation that all parents log in, and complete the Youth Protection course:

Why are we here? What are the goals, or AIMS of the program, and by what METHODS are they achieved? "But, I thought Scouting was just about camping, and my family does that without being in Boy Scouts!" True, much of the Scouting program takes place in the outdoors, but, as one of Scoutings early leaders said, "the outdoors is the classroom"; here is a great explanation...

This next link:, is the official BSA website, with an explanation of the structure and function of a Boy Scout Troop. The leadership of Troop 270 strives to comply, and duplicate all standards as described in the official BSA literature.

This next link: , is the organizational chart of the Troop. In a well run troop, the Scouts go up the chain of command to their Patrol Leader(PL) for direction. Only when the PL or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(ASPL), or Senior Patrol Leader(SPL) can't answer a question, does the adult leader get involved.

"So, what should I expect of the Scoutmaster?" "Why isn't he keeping this meeting more organized?" One of my favorite links: shows that the Scoutmaster should encourage boys to run the program, but be watchful, so that safety and behavior issues don't arise.